Pay it forward.
Donate more closely with crypto currency.

Create environment where you can donate easily

If anyone can feel free to donate money like putting money in donation box.
We build environment with blockchain, "People who want to help raise their hands and people who want help help out."

Spread donation by crypto currency

In order to recognize donation through crypto currency and to penetrate society, we will establish the Japan Crypto Currency Donation Association.
In order to disseminate accurate knowledge about donation, we plan to give lecture activities and qualification system.

Change the donation.
We solve donation problem.

Donation so far had various problems such as cost, proof of identity.
mameCoin utilizes blockchain technology to solve the problem.

Product and Service


Glolove is a next generation social media network for donating easily.

Telegram Wallet

You can have your own mameCoin wallet in telegram.

Discord Wallet

You can have your own mameCoin wallet in discord.

Slot Game

A slot game that can be played using mameCoin (MAME).

Gacha Game

A gacha game that can be played using mameCoin (MAME).

BSC Token Issuance & Listing

We issue Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Token (BEP20) and help listing.

mameCoin Token

mameCoin is an BEP20 token, implementing its own proprietary expansions.
We can expect listings on many exchanges.
Also since this is compatible with several wallets, it's secure to exchange the tokens.

Function & Spec
Standard BEP20 + Proprietary Expansion
Total Issue Amount 2.5 Billion Tokens
Proprietary Expansions Burn, Refund, Airdrop etc.
Supporting SafeMath
Contract Address 0xabccaadd77078a67622dfd5f74066ce4581c0a99
Decimals 8 digits
Correspondence confirmed wallet
Software wallet
Trust Wallet
Hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S
About mameCoin distribution

We aim for a final total supply of 2.5 billion. This means a 90% burn of the initial issued coins. We are planning to improve and stabilize the value of mameCoin as a currency.

mameCoin platform
Make donation more familiar and safe.

It is possible to make donation more easily through everyday shopping.
Since you can track footprints of donation by using Smart Contract,
Anxiety that "Is the donation received to those who need it securely?" will be eliminated, and it will be possible to donate more securely.

Media coverage

Our partners


2018 Q2
  • mameCoin Japan is founded
  • Support partnership with NPO Rescue Assist
  • Restoration assistance for Northern Osaka Prefecture Earthquake
2018 Q3
  • Support partnership with NPO teamRESCUE
  • Business transfer of tipping service “Nage Coin”
  • Participating in volunteer activity supporting torrential rain in western Japan
  • Contract for a corporate lawyer
  • Participating in volunteer activity Greenbird Kagoshima
  • The first-ever mameCoin payment in Japan
  • PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi is founded
  • Merging Sensu into mameCoin
  • Listing on CoinExchange
  • Burn 1.5 billion of mameCoin (6%)
  • Holding a charity concert in Jakarta Indonesia
2018 Q4
  • Visiting Philippines squatters (street children)
  • Support partnership with team NIPPON Jr.
  • Support partnership with NPO sekolah Relawan
  • Support partnership with NPO ACTION
  • Rebranding
  • Burn 2.75 billion of mameCoin (11%)
  • Limited release of platform 1.0α
  • Building partnership many countries through ambassadors
2019 Q1
  • Sponsoring an event held by Kiwanis Luzon
  • Recruiting beta testers
  • Conducting the beta test
  • Launching the platform 1.0β version
  • Burn 2.75 billion of mameCoin (11%)
  • Support partnership with MSM MOORE Foundation
  • Participating in volunteer activities continually
  • Building partnership many countries through ambassadors
2019 Q2
  • Release of the platform 1.0
  • Activities to expand donating destinations all over the world through platform 1.0
  • Starting Android/ios applications development
  • Participating in volunteer activities continually
  • Building partnership many countries through ambassadors
2021 Q2
  • Reboot
  • Swap to BSC (BEP20)
  • Listing on ApeSwap
2021 Q3
  • Release of telegram wallet
  • Release of GACHA game
  • Release of VIP MEMBERS
  • Release of mameCoin
2021 Q4
  • Release of other game
  • Release of NFT marketplace
  • Release of cross-chain
    bridge (ERC20←→BEP20)


Sendy Ariani
Sendy Ariani
Heraldo R.M. Kalangit
Heraldo R.M. Kalangit
COO & Komisaris


PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi

Epicentrum Walk Level 3, Unit A 306 - 307, Jl. HR Rasuna Said,
Kuningan South Jakarta, Indonesia